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Company «All Ports Alliance Logistics GmbH» offers a comprehensive service for the carriage of consolidated cargoes (LCL) and customs clearance. Groupage from Europe, Southeast Asia, the United States is the perfect option for those companies who need to transport small lots of goods. For example, you need to get 500 kg of ceramic tile or plumbing, textile or souvenirs, spare parts or other goods. Transportation in containers is not economically viable in such a case. We propose to minimize your costs and arrange delivery of your goods in groupage container. We accept for carriage general cargo (not requiring special conditions for transportation, non-hazardous, non-perishable , etc.). The presence of our representatives and consolidation warehouses in Europe, China, the United States allows us to consolidate cargo for shipping and provide a stable and regular service for the carriage of groupage cargoes for our customers. We can arrange storage, additional packaging, labeling of your goods, arrange export documents for your shipper.

Our advantages:

- Extensive network of offices in Europe, Southeast Asia, USA;
- Consolidation at own warehouses;
- Transportation of goods from the supplier to our warehouses;
- Additional services for the consolidation, storage, packaging, labeling, palletizing your goods. We can provide a photo report on the acceptance of your cargo to the warehouse;
- Arranging of export documents at the request of the shipper;
- Regular groupage service;
- Own customs broker, which have a successful experience in the customs clearance of a wide range of the goods. Our customs clearance at the port of St. Petersburg usually takes no more than 3 days from the date of discharge of the container;
- Sourcing, search for suppliers;
- The ability to store your goods in the warehouse in St. Petersburg;
- We take responsibility for the safety of your goods and we compensate for damage at the value specified in the invoice;
- We can deliver your customs cleared goods to your address or your warehouse using our vehicles;
- We offer a full range of logistics services by own, without involving any agents or any middlemen, optimizing the cost of shipping.

We carry fabrics, furnishings and furniture, building materials, wallpaper, flooring, tiles, sanitary ware, souvenirs, toys, yarn, industrial equipment, supplies and spare parts, sewing accessories, lighting equipment, auto products, tableware, food ingredients, sport goods, electronics and electrical goods and much more.

To calculate the cost of freight and customs clearance it requires the following information:

- Address of the supplier and address of delivery;
- A detailed description of the goods, packing, regularity of supply;
- Cargo volume in m3;
- Net weight and gross weight of cargo;
- The number and size of packages.

Our specialists in the shortest time will calculate you the optimal scheme and the cost of delivery of you cargoes into the territory of the Russian Federation.